♛ Ana, 23, Portugal

birthday ~ 22 september!


>> Obsessed with~ Shingeki no Kyojin, Kuroko no Basket, Free!, Haikyuu!!, Noragami, Magi and K Project!

Levi to my Eren~
Yukine to my Yato~
Yato to my Hiyori~
Kasamatsu to my Kise~ Kuroko to my Kise~
Kagami to my Kuroko~
Kofuku to my Daikoku~
Rei to my Nagisa~
Alex Garcia to my Riko~
Himuro to my Kagami~
Shizuo to my Izaya~
Aladdin to my Alibaba~

Anonymous asked: Hello! I hope you don't mind if I ask, but about /post/83624753018/yato-yukine-requested-by-fudayk and also your theme, how did you do the pixel-ish overlay/pattern? they really show up on darker areas; i'm not sure what it's supposed to be but it seems like a really tiny checkerboard in a way? i hope this makes sense ;u; thanks!!

Hello :) I didn’t done it xD I just added the pattern hehe :D I always add on my edits for quality to look a litlle better ^^ You can see the pattern in these link  it’s one of the square ones ^^. Haha no problem at all XD I did understand what you mean it ^^ you’re welcome ;)

Anonymous asked: Hii what texture do you put on top of all your edits (the one that makes them look dotted) ? Do you have a link ? Sorry if this has already been asked ! >.<

Hello anon-san :)

Oh that pattern, it’s this one link I always use it to make the images look a little better and staid :) Ah it’s ok, no need to apologize hehe :D